Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to create an account?

Yes, you must create an account to place an order on Premier Magnets. We require this information to properly process and ship the order and to communicate with you.

I have some questions. Who do I ask?

You're in the right spot, but if your questions are not answered on this FAQ page, use our live chat to get quick answers or call us at 204-633-9000. Because we do so much more than just school magnets here at Premier, make sure you let them know your questions pertain to ordering school magnets.

How can I pay for my order?

Right now we're accepting Visa and Mastercard, but if you require an alternative method, please call and we should be able to accommodate you.

How long will it take to get my order?

Right now we require you to pick a ship date. This detail is required. Your order will ship (leave our building) on the date you choose. Depending on the shipping method you chose and where you're located will depend on when you receive your order. We can't guarantee when you'll receive your order due to the fact we can't control what happens after your order leaves our facility, however we can guarantee when your order leaves our plant. Shipping services are fairly accurate in delivering packages within their predicted time frame.

I need my order to arrive within a certain date window.

During your order process, you'll have to choose a ship date. This is the date your order will leave our facility. Based on this and your shipping method choosen, you should be able to calculate an estimated delivery window.

My ship date is not available?

We require 6 business days to produce your magnets. These 6 days are automatically unavailable as ship days since your order could be in the midst of production during this time. All available dates after the 6 production days will be available. We only ship Monday through Friday.

Can I just re-order last years magnets?

Yes. Obviously calendar's on the magnets will be updated to this years calendar, but on the order worksheets you can designate your order to be the same as the previous year with or without revisions.

Will I receive a proof before the magnets are printed?

Yes. You will receive a proof and will have to approve that proof before the magnets go into production.

Can I make revisions?

Yes. You can make revisions after you receive your first proof. You will receive a new proof once we make your requested revisions.